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I'm 31 y/o, married to my Best Friend..and still finding out who I am. My world is sometimes chaotic, sometimes mysterious, but always a Blessing. I stay at home with my children, but i'm not the best homemaker.. that's a work in progress! You can read about my daughters disabilities on the first page. It's titled; "Kira Jean Beauty Queen."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More on Becky...

I wanted to elaborate a bit about Miss Becky Boo ( AKA Sweetie G. ) I want to add some pictures to show you guys Kira's twin. Right this moment, as I was stealing some pics off of Monikas blog, Aaron, the BABY, came over, sat on my lap, and pointed to the computer and says "Kir-Kir.. dat Kir-Kir" and I didn't even say a word to him. Isn't that insane. He's 2, and he even thinks Becky is Kira! haha after he was looking at "Kira" in the pictures, I say, "Was that your Kir-Kir" he goes "Yeaah" :)

So I know my friends and family know that Kira is total care, I want to touch on what I DO know about Rebecca. Rebecca is very much like Kira when it comes to her capabilities. I don't know why I didn't say that yesterday. She does not have purposeful movements, ( meaning, she is not able to move her body or limbs where she wants them). She has no vision, she does not cry, she is 100% g-tube fed, she also occasionally has seizures as well. Oh yeah, they both have a baby sibling that attacks them, and they can't do a darn thing about it! lol Honestly though. Becky's days are just like Kiras. Becky and Kira both have to be held carefully, or situated carefully somewhere. They both have microchepaly, meaning, the head circumference is smaller than it should be, because their brains are not growing as they should. Though the girls are twins when it comes to looks & even LIFE basically.. the difference is, Kira's problem is her brain waves. She has ZERO organization to her brain activity. All of her wires are chaotically crossed and going haywire in her brain. Becky, on the other hand has an issue with ( oh I hope I say this right) her brain structure. The brain itself had an insult to it, where as Kiras insult is inside the brain, the part you cannot see. Both Monika and I have been told the same thing though.. that this was a fluke thing that happened sometime in utero when the brain was being developed. For some reason something went wrong.. but who knows WHY or how. Anyway, it just REALLY trips me out to know that there is a Momma out there taking care of my Kira all day long, like I am, and to see pics of her youngest daughters birthday party, and there is Kira, laying on the carpet on blankets!! HOW did she get all the way to CANADA?!


Monika said...

I know, I can't believe either how similar our 2 girls are! That is so funny that even your 2 year old thought Becky was "Kir Kir" haha :)

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