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I'm 31 y/o, married to my Best Friend..and still finding out who I am. My world is sometimes chaotic, sometimes mysterious, but always a Blessing. I stay at home with my children, but i'm not the best homemaker.. that's a work in progress! You can read about my daughters disabilities on the first page. It's titled; "Kira Jean Beauty Queen."

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I know its been a while. Sorry folks for leaving ya hanging.

Aaron got pretty sick with what I thought was a VERY nasty cold, then Kira got it, and of course her body can't handle illnesses and shes in the hospital again right now. She tested positive for RSV. I knew Aaron was "jacked up" for lack of better words, but didn't realize it was RSV. He is now much better, but Kira Jean is not doing too hot. Because of the illness, her seizures have been out of control for 7 days now. They have basically been back to back, literally, all of these days. The Ativan, nor Valium are even touching her. It SUCKS! She is on a Vaporflow machine, which is similar to a c-pap machine for oxygen. It is a heavy steady pressure of oxygen mixed with warm humidified mist. She is currently on 70%. We need to wean her down. 2 days ago, she was able to recieve 50%, but she now requires more 02.

Not that this is even remotely important in the sceme of my days right now, but since I am here posting, I should let my readers know that I am now down to the 150's! I weigh 159 now!

K, gotta shower and get back to Kira Girl.

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Monday, March 3, 2008


Today is my weigh in day, and every woman knows what "that time of the month" does to her. The scale is NOT your friend at said time. I am 2 pounds up from last Monday, but only because of the water retention and bloat. I will continue to flush myself out and stay on track with my food, and after Auntie Flo leaves, my weight should go back to norman.

I have changed my diet. I love going lowcarb, and have recently added in extra fats. I have been reading alot on this higher fat version of lowcarb, and ALOT of people have great success with it. I have always kept it pretty lean; chicken, fish, veggies, salads. But with this higher version, you want to lessen the protein and increase the fats. The ratio is like 80% fat, 15% protein, and 5% carbs for the day. The extra fats can come from heavy cream, dressings, butter, cheese.. etc. I know it sounds crazy, but somehow, it works for alot of people. The more fat they put in their mouth, the less fat they wear on their thighs.. amazing! So I am going to play around with this for a bit, and see how it goes.

Preschool for Kira???

When this option was presented to me, my initial question is "HOW?" How can you send an apparent comatose child to preschool?! But as it was explained to me, my heart began to melt! I got so excited for HER! Her wheelchair is made with adapting parts at the base to hook into a vehicle such as a van or a bus. Now, I don't even know if I will be emotionally able to have a little school bus pick her up and take her, or if I would just drive her myself, ( and probably stay the whole time ) but it is equipped to have the bus pick her up. Let me explain what going to preschool would mean for Kira....

She would listen to music and the Teacher would clap Kiras hands to the music.
She would make me beautiful art pictures by having the teacher swirl her hands around in finger paints. She would be pushed up to the table in her wheelchair during meal times, to be tube fed. They would do alot of things that Neuro typical preschoolers would do, of course, the teacher would have to move Kiras hands for her. This would provide SOOO much stimuli for her! Nobody knows how much Kira is aware of, and I believe she is aware of alot.. her brain just won't allow her to respond and tell us. Can you imgine how much she would LOOOOVVVEEE to go to school, and PLAY and be around other children like her!! Momma would get a class picture of her classmates, all of her friends in wheelchairs... how ADORABLE would that be?!

So she will be 3 on July 4th and school would start in September. It would be a few days a week, a few hours a day. I am having a meeting with the Districs person in charge in special education on the 12th of this month. I will keep you updated.