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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Odds and Ends

Good Morning. It's a rainy Saturday here, which is just crazy.. we are in May- in California! So any outside plans are obviously rained out, and postponed until next weekend. Here, I have my beloved coffee, my baby girl who has a dry bottom and full tummy, and a very relaxed home at the moment. Perfect to sit and chat about odds and ends. So, as you can see, I removed the latest post, I figured I want to keep this site about positive family issues, and obviously not always so positive, but who needs their child reading about their mood swings, for lack of better words, know what I mean. They have to deal with me every day, they don't need to read about it too, lol. I'll just say in code to who read it. I am happy and optomistic and the word starts with "C". ;)

Okay, so there is this website that is SO FUN! You and your kids will love it. It's called Face in Hole. It's so neat. There are a million different picture options for you to put a face on, and it transforms you into your favorite actress, or your kids into Bob the Builder, etc. They'll get a kick out of it.

Swine Flu, I know you have probably heard enough about this, but I am honestly worried about it. Moreso than the normal seasonal flu for some reason. I read a STARTLING statistic on the normal seasonal flu though. 36,000 Americans died JUST last year alone from it, and around 90 children. I cannot believe that. I have never heard that it took SO many lives every year. I did know it took some. I thought those fatalities were people with immune issues, such as newborns or the elderly. Just something else for me to panic over. But this swine flu. There's something very unsettling about it. Is it the global panic, the neverending news updates, whatever it is, I am very afraid of it. I am afraid for my family. If Kira got it, it would be all bad. Aaron too. It seems that when Aaron is sick, just with a cold, he gets knocked down easily. He gets lethargic and feverish quite easily.

I went through something I did not think I would other than with Kira this year. Aaron had a cold that would not go away. Then one afternoon, he woke up with a fever of almost 104. I took him to the ER because of the fever, and he was acting very sleepy, even though he had taken his nap. The doc said his cold most likely turned into a sinus infection and sent us home with a script for Amoxicillan. When I turned on my street, I heard Aaron breathing heavily, I thought he fell asleep and was snoring, but when I parked and opened his door, his eyes were big, and his coloring was off. Nail beds, lips and around his eyes were purplish. I ran him in and he was out of it and acting very strange, and doing rythmic mouth and tongue movements. Jim was holding him while I was calling 911 and Aaron could not stay awake. He kept dropping his head to Jims chest. I was scared to death obviously. So, turns out. His cold turned into pneumonia ( EVEN though his lungs sounded clear with a stethescope) and the bacterial pneumonia caused the fever to spike, which caused a "febrile seizure". I just cannot believe I had to witness another one of my babies have a seizure. Insanity, I tell you. It took about a month for me to not be angry at how "unfair" that was. But I got over it. Febrile seizures are actually common I have learned. 1 in 25 children will have one in their childhood, and out of those, 1 in 3 will have recurring ones. So the Doc told me not to panic if it happens again, just know that there is no lasting damage or harm to them. The child will recover and no medication is nessecarry, other than Ibuprophen or Acetametiphen to control the fever. So anyhoo.. as I was saying. I am afraid of it in general, but really afraid for Kira and Aaron. I have taught them all of the safety practices, and they are adhearing to them. They each have their own bottle of hand sanitizer in their backpacks. I even kept Logan, my kindergartner, at school, while his ENTIRE class went to the field trip to a fish hatchery. The hatchery is in Fair Oaks, which is where the outbreak is. Fair Oaks is where the Junior high boy came back from Mexico and children around him got infected, and they are now passing it. It just did not sit right with me to send him to that area, to a public place. I may be over paranoid. I've been told many times that I am, but it's just how I am. I felt bad though, he was the only one who did not go. Instead, he stayed behind in a first grade class with a friend of his. He had a great day though. He had cupcakes, recess and an overall fun day. So, silverlining huh? I told him, none of his classmates got a cupcake like he did! lol He said this was true and giggled.. WHEW!

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