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I'm 31 y/o, married to my Best Friend..and still finding out who I am. My world is sometimes chaotic, sometimes mysterious, but always a Blessing. I stay at home with my children, but i'm not the best homemaker.. that's a work in progress! You can read about my daughters disabilities on the first page. It's titled; "Kira Jean Beauty Queen."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


What is it about flowers that make you happy? I have an absolutely gorgeous vase of mixed roses in my living room right now. SO beautiful! My friend, who I do daycare for, occasionally brings me a rose or a few roses from her garden. I love when she does this, what a sweet gesture! Then my other girlfriend brought me a few roses from her house as a surprise.. how neat is that. Then last night, when I was at my Momma's house, she showed me the bouquet of roses she put together from her garden and grabbed a beautiful green glass vase and said "C'mon, let's go pick some roses for your house." So now, I have this wonderful gift of amazing red, pink, orange and yellow roses to enjoy! THANKS GUYS! Picture later...

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Monika said...

Those flowers look gorgeous!