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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My 2 new businesses!

I have recently signed up with Discovery Toys and Scentsy wickless candles. I am SOOO excited to work with these companies! I hope my readers will check out my stores, and pass them along to their friends and family!

The Discovery Toys store has games, toys, and eductational products for infants to teens. You will find toys for little babies, to challenging math and science items for teens. There are also books, puzzles, CD's and board games. Lots of choices for children to play and learn at the same time!

The Scentsy store has awesome warmers, so many different styles to choose from! There is a style to fit everyone's personal taste! They are plug in, and they heat your choice of a delicious wax, to a liquid that fills your entire house! There are too many yummy choices of fragrances to count. Again, plenty to suite your taste. We also have smaller warmers that plug into the wall, similar to a Glad plug in, but they work the same as our larger warmers. These things are amazing! You will also find room sprays and hanging air fresheners! Yummy stuff! The liquid wax never gets hot enough to burn children and they are heated by a light bulb that will never burn a little hand, if it decides to investigate your warmer!

WWW.DiscoveryToysLink.com/Sarah "My Toy Store"

WWW.Scentsy.com/SarahsScents "My Wickless Candle store"

Please bookmark them both! Thanks Guys!

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